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Project Management – Interdisciplinary Requirements

parisbytrain_screenshotThe project was a success in terms of project management because it brought together three critical perspectives and requirements:

  • Customer:
    • fills a need for clear concise France train travel information, demanded by travelers and tourists.
  • Business:
    • must support sufficient traffic and visibility to make it viable in terms of costs and return.
  • Technology:
    • With limited man-hour resources, requires publishing technology with minimal cost of setup & maintenance,  providing a sufficiently powerful platform to meet the needs of search engine visibility & traffic while presenting information in an accessible format to the customer.

If any one of these perspectives and requirements were left unmet, the project could have been a failure.

Luckily, all three viewpoints were kept in mind during the planning and implementation of Paris By Train, thus giving it a better than average chance of success.  And the three viewpoints don’t necessarily have to come from three different people or groups, as in the case of being a one-man show.